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About Us

The San Francisco Junior Deputy Program is a nonprofit youth leadership initiative sponsored by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office designed to pair youth ages 9 – 18 years old with members of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, public safety professionals, and community volunteers to teach valuable life lessons, honesty, integrity, leadership, respect and work ethic. We work to enhance the relationship between law enforcement and youth in communities across the San Francisco Bay Area using youth art, sports, leadership, and mentorship programs. Our youth programs will be utilized as a platform to allow Law Enforcement Officers and young people to have fun together, develop unity and mutual respect for one another.


Our mission is to create and sustain a positive relationship between Law Enforcement Officers and citizens of our community, where children and their families begin to see members of their local law enforcement agencies as agents for positive change and safety.


Our vision is to inspire positive social change in our community and help young people deepen their commitment to civic responsibility.

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